A digital health toolbox

CENPAD_PANDA_PATIENT_WEBCenPad is more than a digital health tool, it is a toolbox. A platform in which data from different digital health tools can be viewed and their functions managed. Two of our current products, PANDA and KANOPY, use CenPad as a way of visualizing information collected from each application.

Combining information collected from various digital health applications can give the staff an extra dimension of insight. In turn, the digital support created by CenPad allows the staff to provide a higher level of individualized care to patients or elderly residents. CenPad allows the caregiver to activate different digital health tools depending on the need of each patient or resident.

Remote patient management

CenPad’s primary use is in remote patient management, where a physician or a carer uses a digital health tool to follow-up on a chronic condition with a patient or older person living at home. One current example of use in this kind of environment is PANDA, which acts as a tool to gather information regarding a patient with Parkinson’s disease.

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