hospital and home bed sensorA smart bed sensor developed for continuous observation of weight and sleep

Kanopy is a smart bed sensor that passively collects data to allow continuous observation of weight changes and sleep quality. It is digital health tool designed to discover early signs of conditions related to weight change or differences in sleep routine.

Kanopy has applications in a number of health care areas. It has been developed primarily for use in an eldercare setting, where sudden weight changes and differences in sleep routines are important parameters to observe.

The continuous information capture from the bed, either in a home care situation or at a care facility, makes Kanopy an effective prevention tool. It allows staff to take appropriate measures early on before a condition reaches a more complex phase, which may increase quality of life for the elder and reduce the workload of the staff.

Finding routine patterns to increase quality of care

Kanopy continuously collects information about an individual’s weight and sleep routines related to their own bed. The information is analyzed and compared with a reference baseline in order to establish a possible difference. With data collected over a longer period of time, the analysis can recognize reoccurring events related to, for example, sleep cycles. With the help of the patterns found in the data, the staff could, in turn, optimize their nightly visits to the times when the patient actually needs assistance instead of affecting the vital night sleep.

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