New Parkinson’s Disease Research Project Gets Go-Ahead

New Parkinson’s Disease Research Project Gets Go-Ahead

Cenvigo to collaborate with hospitals and academia in finding better ways to treat Parkinson’s disease

UPPSALA, SWEDEN, NOVEMBER 20, 2014 — Cenvigo, together with partners in healthcare and academia, has entered an agreement to begin a large research project aimed at developing new ways of assessing Parkinson’s disease motor symptoms in patients’ home environments. The project’s focus is on developing a sensor technology platform that can collect accurate health information in real time, thereby creating a more effective process for promoting individualized treatment and a higher quality of life for patients with a degenerative neurological disease that affects more than 10 million people worldwide.

Partners in creating better patient care

The project is called Musyq (Multimodal motor symptoms quantification platform for individualized Parkinson’s disease treatment) and is managed by Acreo Swedish ICT with contributors in academia, healthcare and business. Collaboration partners include two university hospitals (Uppsala University Hospital and Sahlgrenska University Hospital), two universities (Uppsala University and Dalarna University) and growth companies, Cenvigo AB, and Sensidose AB, The Swedish Parkinson’ Disease Association will also be involved in the project.

New assessment technology

The project’s main objective is to develop a new type of assessment equipment for home care purposes that can provide continuous measurement of a patient’s health status in order to improve treatment and quality of life.

The heart of the project will be developing a new type of sensor technology platform to be used in the home environment that can quantitatively evaluate symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease. The platform will track and measure real-time motor symptoms in a patient’s daily life, providing a more continuous and accurate measurement of a patient’s health status than is available today.  This will allow health care providers to more effectively observe changes and take adequate action when symptoms indicate a decline in condition.

A unique collaboration process

This project represents a unique joining of resources and collection of players from academic institutions, healthcare and business that will not only collaborate in developing a new sensor technology platform, but also focus on improving overall patient care on an individual level.

A secondary goal of the project will be to develop new approach to medication optimization and dosage adjustments for Parkinson’s patients. The aim is to generate a more effective process that will increase usability for both patients and health care staff, while increasing the effectiveness and reducing “wearing-off” many patients experience with Parkinson’s medications today.

The project process

In this project, a prototype will be developed and tested in a clinical setting.

“This project really leverage and expands the usability of the Cenvigo PANDA and CenPad products. Together with our partners in the Musyq project we create a unique constellation of knowledge with the aim to improve the treatment process of Parkinson’s patients. The new sensors will be integrated in our product offerings and contribute to a higher quality of life for patients together with reduced healthcare costs,” says Sara Lycke, Managing Director at Cenvigo AB.

Musyq is founded by Vinnova, supporting the project with 3 million SEK over a period of two years.


For more information:

Sara Lycke, Managing Director
Cenvigo AB
+46 707 60 62 02

About Cenvigo AB

Cenvigo AB is an Uppsala based company that designs, develops and implements digital applications and smart sensor systems to promote the next generation of health- and eldercare.

The PANDA (Parkinson’s Digital Assessment) application is used by people with Parkinson’s disease to improve communication with their doctors. The application is used in the patient’s home environment and creates an objective and evaluative picture of the patient’s health status. Healthcare professionals can log on to the CenPad web platform to get a quick overview and see results from all their patients using PANDA.

Cenvigo’s mission is to contribute to a sustainable and modern development process that increases the quality of life for all people, from young to old. Cenvigo’s products are designed to put individual wellbeing into focus.

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