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Henrik Cyrén, Strategic Advisor of Innovation, City of Uppsala

Henrik Cyrén, Strategic Advisor of Innovation, City of Uppsala

Innovation in the public municipal services, particularly in health- and eldercare, is a work in progress and a growing initiative in many parts of Sweden. A key success factor is the construction of an appropriate external network of talented collaborators, including private actors. With clear goals, limits of liability and processes, municipal and county council focus on their core business, while simultaneously have room for innovation activities consisting of pilot tests and innovation procurements.

Jerker Westin, PhD, Researcher at Dalarna University

Jerker Westin, PhD, Researcher at Dalarna University

Through a research project in collaboration with Cenvigo, we will study the effects of using a test system for Parkinson’s disease in routine clinical work. The Parkinson’s Digital Assessment (PANDA) test system has been evaluated by a hundred patients at ten clinics in Sweden and Italy. The system is patented and meets the highest standards of reliability and validity. We look forward to analyzing the data in this next step of its clinical application.