Cenvigo reports results from digital health survey

Throughout Sweden, many municipalities are considering new options for using digital technologies to improve health- and eldercare. In particular, these technologies offer groundbreaking ways to manage chronic diseases and care for the elderly.   Yet, the key to successful adoption starts with the staff: How can we improve their ability to provide the best care?

In May 2015, Cenvigo sent a survey to 225 care professionals in Swedish municipalities asking for their input and impressions about the importance of digital health tools for the future of eldercare in Sweden. The results provide some interesting feedback about the needs of care providers working to improve the lives of seniors in the country.

What did we learn?

The survey provides insights such as:

  • How useful digital tools would be for care staff
  • Percentage of facilities with test environments for digital tools
  • Digital tools in use today
  • Whether tools on the market today meet staff needs.

Get a copy of the report  (Swedish)

Digital health report Cenvigo


Get your free copy of the report now.

(Note: This report is currently only available in Swedish).

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