Projects & Partners

Working together for digital health innovation

Cenvigo has developed close partnerships with researchers at the University of Uppsala and the University of Dalarna in Sweden to establish specialized competence and promote clinical usage studies for digital technology applications.


Dalarna University

In close collaboration with Dalarna University, Cenvigo is developing new ways to increase efficiency in Parkinson’s disease treatment processes. Using digital health technology we create decision support applications connecting patients with their doctors, promoting the opportunity of more individualized treatment and a higher quality of life.

See  Parkinson’s Digital Assessment (PANDA) which is a first result of our collaboration with the university as well as clinicians in the field.


Animech is a global life science communications agency dedicated to making the world a better place and experts in delivering the message through text, graphics and video. Cenvigo and Animech collaborate in creating digital tools for the purpose of education and communication within the life science space. is one of the best channels in Sweden for quality communication with patients and healthcare staff, both on the webb and in the waiting room. We work together in creating interactive content and information to promote health awareness and patient engagement.

logga kdKarlstad municipality

In collaboration with Karlstad municipality, Cenvigo is developing the next generation of digital tools to be used within the elder care space. With the help of a nursing home care staff and municipality management we invent new ways of delivering care, together. Read more about our first product for elder care here.


Our projects

Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Multimodal motor symptoms quantification platform for individualized Parkinson’s disease treatment.

Together with Uppsala University Hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Swedish ICT Acreo, Region Västra Götaland, Uppsala University, Sensidose and Dalarna University, Cenvigo is participating in a two-year, government-founded project for Parkinson’s disease management. The purpose is to evaluate a variety of digital tools that could support physicians in making decisions about treatment approaches. The combination of different types of health data in one common platform would give rise to deeper insight into the patient’s condition.

Read more about the project here.