Products & Services

Cenvigo creates digital solutions for the next generation of healthcare and eldercare. We work closely with users and decision makers to develop digital health products that meet every expectation. Contact us if you have an idea yourself or a need in your organization. We will help you from the initial sketch to the complete product.


Our Products




The Parkinson's Digital Assessment (PANDA) is a clinically validated mHealth application, designed to promote continuous communication between neurologist and patient.


Kanopy is a smart bed sensor solution for continuous and passive observation of weight changes and differences in sleep quality.


Cenpad is a platform developed to integrate various digital health data in one common interface. This allows use of digital digital tools to adapt the care management to an individual need.

 Development Services

Development_150We can help you design and develop a digital tool that would suit your specific needs, from idea to complete product. At Cenvigo we believe that true innovation happens when different skills and experiences come together through collaboration. If you have any questions regarding digital health applications or another request, please contact us.