Next generation of care

Cenvigo digital eldercare solutionsSweden ranks among the best countries in the world when it comes to taking care of our elderly. It is a great country to grow old in—almost too good. We are living longer, which means the size of our elderly population is increasing every year. This also means that pressure on staff and relatives caring for our elderly increases as well. Sweden is not alone in this matter–it has been a mounting issue for many years in several parts of the world.

It’s time to investigate a long-term solution and not just a quick fix. What can we do today to create a better tomorrow? Digital innovation in eldercare means introducing new ways in small steps, and including everyone in the change process. Innovation is more than just creating new technology, it is about finding new methods to perform tasks. In eldercare, modern digital health solutions can introduce a valuable tool in caring for aging patients. Not removing the human touch, but instead increasing its reach.

At Cenvigo, we believe that combining different skills and insights creates an excellent environment for innovation, especially in the case of developing new methods of care delivery. Our development process is founded in the vision of close collaboration with the end user, creating a clear view of the actual need in the care routine and designing a solution perfectively adapted to solve it.

What do we do?


We combine research with digital technology development to create products that put the user and good health in the center. Every project is one step closer to the next generation of eldercare. Read more on our products here.


Are you a caregiver, nurse or part of an organization with an idea about how to increase the quality of eldercare using a digital health tool? At Cenvigo, we are happy to collaborate in helping you turn your idea into a product. Contact us to learn more.


In collaboration with municipalities, hospitals, academia and other industry players, we are creating the next generation of healthcare. Read more on our current projects here.