Digital health innovation

Healthcare is undergoing a rapid paradigm shift in care delivery. The evolution of health informatics and digital technology bring about many new possibilities. At the core of this change, under layers of administrative and economic challenges, lies one of the most important aspects of healthcare: the relationship between the patient and doctor.

This relationship is particularly important among patients affected by chronic conditions and in need of continuous follow-up to optimize their treatment.

Digital innovation in a healthcare environment is complex but needed. At Cenvigo, we are continuously working on this challenge and finding alternative routes of progress. Collaboration is one of the key aspects of our work. When developing digital tools, we find it is critical to work closely with clinical and research experts to achieve a result that improves usability for the clinician while creating value for the patient.

Our process includes a testing phase in a real clinical or caregiving environment to obtain critical feedback from actual clinicians and patients. After analyzing the results carefully, we implement necessary changes into subsequent versions of the product. This process helps reduce barriers to adoption in the final care setting. We believe that an iterative testing based on clinician and patient involvement is an important part of any digital health innovation process.

What do we do?


In close collaboration with clinicians and researchers, we develop digital health tools that support health care staff in creating the best possible quality of life for patients with chronic conditions. Read more about our products here.


Are you a physician, nurse or someone with an idea about how to increase the quality of care using a digital tool? At Cenvigo, we are happy to collaborate in helping you turn your idea into a product. Contact us to learn more.


In collaboration with hospitals, academia and other industry players, we are creating the next generation of healthcare. Read more on our current projects here.