PANDA motor symptom test evaluated in clinical study

PANDA motor symptom test evaluated in clinical study

One of the large challenges for the clinical staff treating a patient with Parkinson’s disease, is to gain a sufficient overview on the fluctuations in motor function with the patient. Symptoms affecting the motor function is a large part in the patient’s everyday life, but often only communicated to the clinical staff at a short hospital visit. A visit, often conducted only once or twice a year depending on disease progression.

There is a need for continuous and objective information, showing the patient’s condition in between visits and thus, creating a more qualitative support for the clinical staff in taking a next decision.

Study shows results

In a study, conducted together with 65 advanced PD patients and 10 healthy subjects, the objective was to objectively characterize motor symptoms by letting the study participants perform spiral drawing tasks on a smartphone in their own home. The motor function test is a part of the PANDA test battery.

The spiral drawing results were used as input to machine learning methods, attempting automotive interpretation of the motor function symptom. These methods were in turn evaluated by movement disorder specialists, visually assessing the spiral data by setting a score based on kinematic features and the motor symptom.

The study result showed that the computer based rating methods performed very well in relation to the visual assessments. The approach also provided a good way in distinguishing between PD patients and healthy subjects as well as test-retest reliability. All in all, the study shows that an objective at-home digital assessment of motor function symptoms could be an alternative or complement to a clinical evaluation.

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